Pet Medications Retailers vs From Your Vet

posted: by: Zephyrhills Veterinary Clinic Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Purchase of pet medications through online discount pet medication retailers vs from your vet:

- Convenience – products are often shipped right to the home. (Zephyrhills Vet has an online store shipped direct from the manufacture right to your door.)

Cons: - Quality control – the handling and storage of pet medications may be outside of the guidelines set by the pharmaceutical for a given product, thereby compromising its effectiveness and safety. Pet medication pharmaceuticals have no control over quality control when sold outside of veterinary clinics.

- No Guarantee – with the exception of products made by Bayer, pet medication pharmaceuticals DO NOT guarantee the safety and effectiveness of their products when purchased outside of a veterinary clinic. Therefore, if a given medication purchased anywhere but a veterinary clinic is ineffective or causes a DANGEROUS reaction to your pet, pet medication pharmaceuticals do not want to hear it – all you would get from them is a big, “I told you so.”

So the bottom line for you as a pet owner to decide is this: if the money you save on discount online pet medications having and unknown safety and effectiveness for given pet medications or purchasing from other sources outside of your vet is worth the role of the dice of whether or not that medication will be effective and/or safe for your pet is worth it to you.